As a French speaker, I realise that the name I chose for my business may not always make a lot of sense to non-French speakers, so let me explain…

I started thinking about tutoring in the UK during my last year in France when I knew I was going to return home for good (although anyone who has ever lived abroad and enjoyed it knows that “for good” is never set in stone…). I had been accepted onto my MA (Gender and Women’s Studies and English Literature) at Lancaster University and, whilst I had saved enough money to get my by while living with my parents, I wanted something else to do whilst I was studying. I loved teaching when I was in France, and I’d had a couple of EFL private students and really loved being able to dedicate my time and attention to my student in a 1-to-1 scenario. I also felt that I had progressed enough in French to be able to share this knowledge with others!

I remember the lightbulb moment when it came to me. I was in my little studio in Nancy on pancake day in 2019 getting everything ready for the pancake evening soirée I was hosting for my friends that evening. As I was pottering about thinking about this and that, “Faye à la maison” flashed into my mind and it made me smile. It’s a little play on words: Faye sounds like fait in French (from the verb faire which means to do or to make); something which particularly amused my peers in high school. Fait maison means “home made” and “Faye à la maison” literally means Faye at home… perfect for a home tuition business! I also think it rolls of the tongue quite nicely, don’t you?

At first I thought it was a little cheesy, so I tentatively asked my friends who all thought it was a great idea. So I tucked it away in a corner of my mind ready to be brought into fruition later in the year. I moved home in July 2019 and, whilst on holiday in Bordeaux in August, I created my Facebook page. I sat on it for a few days, afraid of… I don’t really know… but bit the bullet and opened myself up to the world! Now, exactly 2 years on from the moment I thought of my business name, I have been tutoring full-time for almost 6 months and have more tutees than I had ever dreamt of having!

P.S: The French have different rules for capitalisation than we do. Only the first noun is capitalised; hence why “maison” begins with a lowercase “m”.

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