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English tuition at GCSE level covers an immense amount of ground. With two papers for English Literature and English Language, students need to understand an awful a lot of content and skills. My tuition cannot comprehensively cover every aspect of the English GCSE in-depth; rather, we will identify the weakest areas and work on these accordingly. There are, however, certain essential skills which can be applied across all GCSE English papers. I aim to first and foremost develop these skills to give students the increased confidence, knowledge and understanding needed to approach most questions. 


I’m most familiar with the AQA and Eduqas exam boards, but I can teach across all boards with sufficient notice. 

I develop students’ functional skills, which allows them to approach an unfamiliar text with an analytical and critical mindset, and then we put this into writing to effectively communicate their skills. We identify language devices and comment upon them to unlock the author’s intention and reader’s response. I also develop students’ creative and transactional writing, as well as overall spelling, grammar and punctuation. 

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As with the English Language syllabus, I’m most familiar with the AQA and Eduqas exam boards, but can to teach across all boards with sufficient notice. I have taught and/or studied to degree level: Jekyll and Hyde, An Inspector Calls, A Christmas Carol, Macbeth and Romeo and Juliet. Having an MA in English Literature means that, with sufficient notice, I can familiarise myself with any GCSE English Literature set text and poetry anthology. 

Lessons focused on GCSE English Literature cover content and essay writing techniques, as well as developing the skills mentioned above (analytical, critical and written skills); I delight in helping my students find their own viewpoints and voice.

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I offer support for students in years 7, 8 and 9. We work on the skills needed to build a solid foundation for entering the GCSE years. At this stage, I try to have a rounded approach to English tuition by utilising the student’s strengths and the areas they enjoy as a vehicle for working on their weaknesses. I really encourage students at this age to read for enjoyment; something which is perhaps undervalued but absolutely crucial for succeeding in KS4.


I have 5 years of EFL teaching experience with children, young people and adults studying at university. Having taught EFL to university and master’s level, I’m comfortable teaching complex grammar, as well as providing lessons with a more general focus on communication. I’m also familiar with diplomas such as TEFL, TOEFL and TOEIC, as well as professional and business English. The range of interesting activities I provide, tailored to your goals and interests, will improve and perfect your English. 

Institutions and companies for which I have worked as an EFL teacher: British Council, Université de Lorraine, SciencesPo, Lexingua, La Banque Postale and Visiagora.

Faye has been working with my, lacking in confidence, somewhat reluctant year 8 son since about September 2020. Despite most of the lessons being online I have visibly seen his confidence grow as well as his written work improving. The online tools Faye uses work really well and don’t detract from the learning. Faye seems able to really engage with him and has got him really interested in reading again. It is lovely to see him with a book in his hand rather than his phone!

– Samantha Clark, parent of a KS3 English student

Group Tuition

If you’re looking for a more affordable option or prefer working in small groups, take a look at my group tuition offering here.